Cold cake with zucchini and gorgonzola

Appetizer tasty and refreshing, ready in half an hour (excluding the time to prepare the zucchini and artichokes)

radicchioTake the zucchini medium sized and cut lengthwise into slices the same thickness. You can cook in two ways: either the plate (it’s hot, I know) or boiled (this second option is more temperate but less ‘good’ is fair to say). tortino freddo zucchine2When the courgettes are cooked, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil flavored with garlic, salt and parsley. Separately, make a julienne radicchio with gorgonzola and stir until mixture is smooth and well blended. Now take the molds, slightly greasy, and put all inside the zucchini slices, as you can see from the photos. Inside put a pinch of paprika and then filling gorgonzola and radicchio.
Close the pie with the same zucchini coming out off the edge and store in the fridge to rest for 15-20 minutes. tortino freddo zucchine3This time I chose the bresaola, but can also accompany the pie with ham or bacon. Garnish with three/four artichokes in oil. This appetizer (born a bit by chance also for the heat of these days and the need to eat fresh stuff), it was a surprise for me. It a mixture of flavors that offset each other: the zucchini sweet, salty blue cheese and the bitterness of the radicchio. A nice idea, believe me…

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