#cucinecondivise Linguine with asparagus and prawns with cognac and gratin

Lunch by Raffaele and Claudia make me find wild asparagus , calamari and prawns just fished. Gragnano linguine with garlic and parsley, we put ourselves at work …

asparagi e calamarigamberoni cognac e gratinatiBeautiful day to talk about food and theater . The first drove the ball was I , on the second and Raffaele Claudia . Before moving on to the recipes I recommend you take a look at the facebook page of theater Chemist is carrying around Italy a flash -mob violence against women , in memory of Pippa Bacca . One nice thing , to see and share .
And let us. Cut into strips and cook the squid in garlic and oil hot. Sprinkle with a dash of wine and immediately add the asparagus tips ( stalks put them in the water from the pasta ) . Drain the pasta al dente ( including stems that in the meantime they are well cooked ) and mantecatela in the sauce by adding a dash of hot pepper and a ladle of the cooking water if they were to serve . Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley. The prawns ( as are all the fish in my opinion), and only need to be cooked and fragrant. Part I made them with cognac and mint ( piece of whole onion and oil , cooking over high heat , splash of brandy , flambé and two minutes of cooking , mint raw before serving ) and another part gratin under the grill oven , removing the housing queue and profumandole with chopped bread crumbs , garlic and parsley . Accompanying Raffaele and Claudia opted for bubbles with linguine and a Gewurztraminer with the prawns . Great choice!

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