Polyps, buffalo mozzarella and bread carasau

The weekend at Anzio by Raffaele and Claudia is now a classic. Here is the first result of this banquet of late summer…

polpo bollitoThis recipe was born a bit ‘by chance, a bit’ by mistake, in the sense That the octopus was to serve as a sauce for spaghetti but the octopus after cooking was too hard so I braided regions (Sardinia, Lazio, Campania) and flavors.
In boiling salted water, dip the octopus three times and then simmer, covered, for about twenty minutes. After this time, let it cool completely. This timing is for a medium-small octopus. To be sure after twenty minutes canons, skewered octopus with a knife to see if it is actually cooked. When the octopus is cold and soft, cut it into small pieces and set aside.
Now take the small tomatoes, ripe and after being divided in half and remove the seeds. Put pomodori confitto heat the olive oil and when to it is very hot, add tomatoes. Cover and cook for about ten minutes on high heat. After which, add half red onion cut into strips and when to browned add the tomatoes and the octopus chopped. Cook for four/five minutes and after adjusting for salt, pepper and chopped parsley, remove from heat.
While the sauce is cooled, chop the mozzarella. Prepare the dish by placing a slab of bread carasau and over the pieces of octopus and buffalo mozzarella. Make two layers (not more than three) and passing over a little oil. To Accompany this dish, the Antinous white wine (mix of Viognier and Chardonnay). Nausicaa’s father turned out to be an inspired choice, very inspired…

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