Spaghetti with arugula pesto with diced swordfish

Abstract: pesto rule should be done in a mortar and is made of basil. However, with this rocket he has little to envy to the original and then with the pistachios and the sword the taste is truly embracing. Try and combine with a fragrant white wine. I chose an old vine of Piedmont Arneis and the combination was excellent!
pesto rucolaRemove the stems to the rocket and put the leaves in a container along with a piece of garlic, a handful ospada crudo-1f pistachio nuts, a pinch of salt and oil. Spend all the mixer (better if you have the mortar) until the pesto (the consistency should not fine). Take a slice of raw fish spathe espada and cut into cubes.
Take the slice of swordfish, heated in a frying a piece of whole onion with a bay leaf, and when it is browned buttateci inside the sword up the heat (the fish must cook over very supported so brown on the outside and stay soft inside). When the sword has browned, darting flames with white wine, cook for one minute and remove from heat low. spada cotto
Bake spaghetti, meanwhile heated in a water bath pesto (do not put it on high heat otherwise lose consistency: should only heat up, do not boil). When the noodles are al dente pour together pesto warm in a saucepan and stir away from fire. When everything is well seasoned and mixed (preserved a cup of cooking water to be used if the noodles are too dry), Serve making of ‘nests’ with the help of a ladle. Sprinkle with the chopped pistachios and enjoy!

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