Spaghetti with clams

This recipe is a classic although there are variations on the theme: add the tomatoes and add flour to thicken the sauce (Poseidon forgive). This is my recipe and it is delicious!

If the clams are plentiful, put part of their water in the pot where you bake the dough

The procedure is the same spaghetti with arselle (clams of the Sardinia) and asparagus, but repetita iuvant …
Saute in olive oil, two cloves of garlic until golden brown. Drain well the clams and place them in the pan with a lid that covers immediately. After two / three minutes add the chopped parsley. Two minutes later pour over the white wine and cover immediately. cook for another two minutes.
Drain the pasta ‘al dente’ and put it in clam sauce and finish cooking, taking care not to dry too much spaghetti that need to ‘pull’ the water of the clams so that thicken (if you put the flour the god Poseidon there fulminerà). Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley. Here is a must for 0.75 of chilled white wine!


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