Spaghettone ‘Rebirth’ #saverummo

The pasta factory Rummo will rise again. Can a recipe contribute to the revival of the historical pasta factory? If yes, there Cocendolibando offers its solution with buffalo ricotta, black tomato and turnip greens ‘friarielli’…

aglio-e-alici-fritte-1024x683blanched the turnip greens (‘friarielli’ in neapolitan dialect) and ‘choked’ in garlic, extravirgin olive oil and pepper; add two anchovy fillets to add flavor and taste. After four-five minutes add inside the buffalo ricotta cheese, adding a few tablespoons of water in which you cooked theturnip greens.

Separately, cut the blacks tomatoes in half, seedless, and cut to strips. Fry on high heat for a ricotta-e-friarielli-1024x683few minutes and mix (leaving someone to decorate the plate) to the sauce of turnip greens and ricotta cheese, for a few minutes (if the sauce is too dry, add another ladle of water in which you have blanched the turnip greens).

pomodori-neri-1024x683Now, boiled the Rummo spaghetti and put ‘al dente’ in the sauce. Stir with a light dusting of fresh pecorino and serve, with a drizzle of extra virgin for each dish and tomato slices advanced. White wine, I would say a Fiano or Falanghina for obvious affinity territorial…


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