Triumph of prawns

How many times you happen to walk into a store looking for something and come out with something extra, not budgeted? To me, this happens quite often but this time i no had to buy something to eat but only the pellet for the stove. While I wait i see a beautiful slab of porcelain tile flooring. I ask how much it costs to Julius and he replies that it is a waste piece and I can take it. Accept with pleasure and I do also cut, so now I have two dishes really original…

salsa miele e gorgonzolaTake the shrimp and shelled tails. Now prepare the accompanying sauce should be a crescendo of flavors, from the most delicate to the most powerful.salsa pesto
The first sauce is made of honey and gorgonzola need to mix with a small whisk so that it is smooth and not ‘ripped’.
The second is a basil pesto, piece of garlic, pine nuts and olive oil and salt. The third is similar to the puttanesca sauce (tomato sauce, some capers, black salsa pomodoro e capperiolives, olive oil, chopped anchovies) adjusted with a little olive oil and black pepper. The sauce is the fourth strongest, although nothing complicated is in fact composed of minced garlic and parsley, olive oil and pepper. salsa aglio e olio
One last thing. If the shrimp are fresh you can be eaten raw and accompanied by sauces otherwise blanch a few minutes or steam.


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