Troccoli with mushrooms, bacon and cheese cow

Continues the journey in autumn. Today meet mushrooms, bacon and cheese of cow of Piedmont. That is one triangle exciting …

olio terre rossoIn a frying pan already very hot, let brown the bacon cut into pieces and extravirgin oil guanciale e pomodoriniTerre Rosse. When the bacon starts to brown, add three / four tomatoes cut in half, cut striped and seeded.
After four / five minutes, add the mushrooms sliced ​​and immediately add a glass of still white wine. Cook the sauce for a few minutes. Boil the ‘troccoli’ pasta in salted water and when the pasta is al dente, add in the sauce and then stir for a few minutes. At this point add a ladle porcini e guancialeof the cooking water and a handful of grated cheese of cow. Toma cheese is a soft cow’s troccoli crudimilk cheese, then grattugiatela gently to prevent clot. The cooking water and Toma will form a cream that will add flavor to the recipe. If you want to give more ‘decision’ to the recipe, add a few drops of holy oil.


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